…is to break the cycle of hopelessness, and speak the truth into Roma children’s lives in Bosnia-Hercegovina.


Having a really strong connection where the child trusts the teacher, can help them fight odds that are against them. Kids who have been suffering from abuse, or neglect, or trauma. They have a better chance of becoming resilient and beating the odds if they have grown-ups that care about them.

That kind of relationship tends to get cultivated in a quality preschool. Quality preschool means, teachers who have education, and who are responsive to the needs of young children. They’re checked in with them. That builds trust. It also builds social connection, cause when there’s a secure adult base kids are more free to explore with other kids as well as as with things, toys, projects.

And it can really fight the cycle of hoplessness in families, and the cycle of poverty, cause once a kid gets that little bug for learning- it just grows.

(Shaquam Edwards, Early Childhood Education Instructor, College of Marin)